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About me
  My name is Janusz B. Wiśniewski, I was born and still live in Rzeszow. I'm an active developer. I run IT services company providing a wide assortment type. I create custom software, install networks, Linux servers. Many of the programs created by me or by my participation were on the shelves of stores, including five games.

  Presently, I'm working on Javascript/Node applications for business, while in spare time making Android apps, just for fun.
  Personally I have a wife, two daughters and a granddaughter. Interested in music, literature, film. I like animals, taking photos, playing chess. I have a certificate of competency of inland skipper, but recently I lack the opportunity to use it often.
My programystical fascinations
  • Pascal: my first love
  • Logo: for children aged from 6 do 106
  • Asembler: a big fake
  • C: impossible to like, but cannot abandon
  • C++: how to work without an effort
  • Perl: suitable for each task
  • SQL: Structured Query Language
  • DOS: Command Interpreter
  • Postscript: print right from the mind
  • Java: Android rulez